Your building and your refrigerator will be AAA+ certified


“The differences between green certifications of buildings and home appliances will fade in time”, said Razvan Nica, the owner of Buildgreen in an interview with BR.

The first green-certified Romanian building was ECDC’s and Alex van Breeman’s Eurotower, 18,000 sqm in Bucharest city centre, Euro Tower, back in 2009. The second was Lakeview of AIG Lincoln.

Green certificates measure carbon footprint and energy efficiency which means about 40 per cent of the final report. They also evaluate the level of pollution generated by the building, drainage and water treatment systems, management of the project and the course of building development.

”Large developers already have a certification system that goes along with the development of their projects, it is not a problem for them, green certification has already become a standard,” Razvan Nica told BR.

According to Razvan Nica, in the future, there will not be a big difference between the energy certification of an office or dwelling rather than household appliances. Category B, A, AA, AAA or AAA +. This will be the differentiator.

”Usually tenants do not know exactly what certification means. But they ask for it because it is necessary and its quality can be a differentiator. What will be known is that the better certification, the more useful. Especially because they are not like energy certificates, they are not easy to obtain,” Nica explains.

The Romanian consultant thinks that there is no difference between the quality of construction in Romania compared with other European countries. There are serious restrictions, the documentation is verified by a UK or US third party who can intervene and is normal to do it. 

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