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We make it happen. Sustainable

BuildGreen is one of the leading ESG and sustainability consultancy firms in Central and Eastern Europe with a team of experts who provide specialist advice in sustainable design, carbon neutrality, decarbonization, audit and certification. We help clients to understand their material impacts and risks, establish ESG goals and build ESG strategies that drive change. We also help clients to calculate their Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions, set goals and develop reduction strategies.

Founded in 2010 by Razvan Nica, BuildGreen was the first Romanian company to offer a range of green building certification services and has built a reputation as a very reliable partner having achieved over 350 certifications for some of the most reputable developers and asset managers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Following a similar path to BuildGreen, Czech based, green-gain were founded by Andrew Caistor in 2009. As the first BREEAM assessor organization in Central and Eastern Europe green-gain played a major role in raising awareness of BREEAM and in steering clients and project teams in its delivery.

After several years of collaboration, the 2 companies eventually merged and now operate under the brand name BuildGreen with offices in Bucharest and Prague. Building on their success and reputation as a leader in their field, BuildGreen has assembled a team of in-house specialists to offer a wide range of ESG and sustainability services. Our extensive knowledge and expertise are backed by a passion to serve those who share our values.

Our team


Răzvan Nica

Managing Partner

Razvan Nica, Managing Director of BuildGreen, promotes sustainability in CEE. He founded the company in 2010, expanded across CEE countries, and serves as the first BREEAM International Quality Auditor outside the UK.

Andrew Caistor

Managing Partner

The Prague Office Director and BREEAM Assessor has provided assessment services in CEE since 2009. He founded green-gain and led BREEAM assessments for real estate projects in CEE and the UK.

Our mission

From green building certifications as change agents to a new era of real estate development, in which sustainability is not just a business tool, but a strategic pathway to carbon neutrality.

At BuildGreen, we offer the real world economic and social solution to excellence in building development, by bridging technical acumen with a proactive and pragmatic approach to sustainability. We are driven by the desire to make a positive difference and shape businesses into creating value through sustainability.

Decarbonization is our plan of action on the long term, to help companies and investors achieve business success by reducing carbon emissions and transition to a low-carbon or zero-carbon economy.

Our track-record

BuildGreen expertise covers more than 10 million sq.m. of high-quality properties across Central and Eastern Europe. Our track record is based on many “first” and “highest” levels in sustainable development, raising the bar since 2010 towards a new era in property development.

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