Why a ‘green’ building does not always mean more comfort

Even though most new class A office space projects in Romania are LEED or BREEAM certified “core and shell”, there are often significant problems after a fit-out (a term used to describe the process of arranging interior spaces intended for employees) wrongly done, says Razvan Nica, managing partner BuildGreen, in an interview for Wall-Street.

This happens because each company arranges its space according to the preferences of the managers or all sorts of other criteria that have nothing to do with the operation of a space.

“In a new office building the owner offers a carpet, a ceiling and a washable paint on the wall, which are checked for quality with the certification of the building, so that it is at the highest standards and it is not harmful to the occupants, ie the employees of the tenants, but then come the managers of the companies with their own ideas of fit-out and finishes, and out of the desire to reduce operating costs, they also create a large density of employees to maximum exploit the rented area “, says Razvan Nica.

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