ReInventing Romania – How will the COVID-19 pandemic will impact the construction, real estate and sustainability overall

Forbes Romania invited the Romanian business community to answer the most critical questions of the moment in the #reinventarearomaniei editorial project.

”I want Romania to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise post-pandemic, especially in terms of using European funds to redirect them to the area where we are behind the neighbouring countries: infrastructure. However, it must be borne in mind that infrastructure means not only highways but also an emphasis on railway infrastructure – high-speed trains, including freight, between major cities. The current pandemic has also shown us that the health and education systems, two areas that have been talked about for over 20 years, require more investment, they continue to suffer and they should be extensively reformed in the next period in order to adapt to the new conditions”, stated Razvan Nica, managing director of BuildGreen.

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