Top green real estate projects developed in Romania

A number of over 15 large-scale real estate projects have been completed in Romania over the last 18 months and all benefit from sustainable certification, whether it is BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) or LEED (Leedership in Energy Environmental Design). In fact, green certification has become a mandatory criterion in the development of a real estate project, says Razvan Nica, managing director of BuildGreen, over 90% of investors targeting the top levels of the two schemes (BREEAM Excellent and LEED Platinum).

“The real estate market in Romania is undergoing major changes in terms of sustainable development principles. In addition, more and more project owners already delivered want to align their projects with the In-Use certification criteria and three of the largest owners of real estate projects in Romania, NEPI Rockcastle, Globalworth and Iulius Group passed in 2017 through extensive processes of sustainable certification of projects already completed in their portfolio”, says Razvan Nica.

In his opinion, the office space segment continued to represent the main magnet for attracting sustainable certifications, the positive signal of 2017 being the growth of interest from developers of logistic or residential projects. “Luxuria Domains Residence is the first large-scale residential project to be developed according to the BREEAM sustainable standards and in the near future there will be more large residential projects that will go towards obtaining a certification,” says BuildGreen chief.

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