Arctic’s new washing machine factory achieves LEED Platinum certification

Such a great achievement! BuildGreen was the LEED consultant for the new Arctic factory that opened recently in Romania after an investment of over 150 million Euros. Together we’ve obtained LEED Platinum, the highest level of sustainability certification obtained by a factory in Romania and one of the highest levels in all of Europe!

”The new Arctic factory is a landmark in terms of efficiency and sustainability and could be considered the factory of the future. We estimate that the following years will bring new sustainable factories in Romania”, stated Razvan Nica, managing director of BuildGreen.

The Ulmi Factory hosts the latest technological innovations, it was built in 17 months, on an area of over 700,000 square meters and contributes to combating climate change. It was designed to protect flora and fauna by creating new habitats for birds and other animal species. The factory is also equipped with green areas, outside and inside, for better air quality.

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