The IMMUNE Building Standard™ (IMMUNE™) is the first, open source global certification standard to certify built environment’s level of immunity to withstand present and future health challenges and minimize the impact of a pandemic such as COVID-19 and other bacteriological or toxicological threats.
The standard is inspired by technologies and procedures successfully applied in hospitals and “clean rooms” and adapted for use in commercial real estate development.

IMMUNE™ can be used by any international building assessment and certification entity to certify buildings at any stage of their life cycle and type, such as new, in-use, or a regeneration project.


  • As IMMUNE Contributor and Assessor  we can advice and coordinate the project team during the certification process
  • Assist Client team during entire refurbishment and adaptation period  to comply with IMMUNE rigor
  • Advice on local context and personalized solution
  • Submittal and review of documentation into the IMMUNE certification system